About Us

Located in beautiful southwestern Colorado, in the foothills of the La Plata Mountains in the Cherry Creek drainage, Ellison Farms specializes in grass-fed, healthy, natural beef. Like Durango, the nearby picturesque mountain town, we embrace a healthy, holistic approach to life.

Our vision

Ellison Farms was started by Michael Ellison, CEO and Founder of TriVita, Inc., an international nutraceuticals company. TriVita emphasizes the overall wellness of a person – their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Ellison Farms is an extension of Michael’s vision of healthy living. In addition to nutritional supplements and the latest health and wellness information, Michael and his family want to provide yet another way to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Ellison Farms offers TriVita Affiliates and Members a delicious and healthy alternative to feedlot and factory-farmed beef.

Ellison Farms grass-fed beef debuted at TriVita’s annual Galaxy of Stars event in July 2012.

Our cattle

At Ellison Farms, we raise Criollo cattle, which were brought to the New World over 400 years ago on Christopher Columbus’ second expedition. They originated in the Andalusian region of Spain and are agile, athletic animals that are well-suited to the arid and semi-arid climates we see in the Southwest. Excellent foragers, they have a gentle disposition, high fertility rate, strong disease and parasite resistance and trouble-free calving. Amazingly self-sufficient, they require little human intervention to thrive.

We use rotational grazing on pesticide-free pastures, which provides our cattle with a variety of grasses and plant food and also ensures environmental sustainability. Moving cattle from pasture to pasture allows the forage to recover after being grazed and improves the production and quality of forage. Because our Criollo cattle are so gentle, they are ushered from one pasture to another without the use of cattle dogs or other stress-producing methods. We take every possible effort to keep our animals as stress-free as possible.

Our cattle are raised for two years on grass – we use absolutely no hormones, antibiotics or other growth-promoting additives – and are finished on a mix of certified organic and non-GMO grain while in the pasture. The organic corn helps give a natural flavor to the beef. In June of each year, finished cattle are humanely processed at a local, organically certified, USDA inspected processing facility.

At Ellison Farms, we believe in respecting the animals, the land – and you. After all, healthy, natural cows mean healthy, natural, nutritious beef for you and your family.

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