Tips for preparing Ellison Farms Beef

Grass-fed beef differs from conventional beef in a number of ways and that includes the way you prepare it! Use the preparation tips below to turn out delicious beef dishes every time.


How to Prepare

Avoid Overcooking

Because Ellison beef is lower in fat, take care to avoid overcooking. Cook beef medium-rare to medium; if you prefer well-done beef, cook your meat at low temperatures in a sauce or liquid.

Watch the Temperature

USDA Recommended Temperatures

The USDA recommends cooking hamburgers and ground beef mixtures such as meatloaf to 160 degrees using a meat thermometer. However, “whole muscle meats such as steaks and roasts may be cooked to approximate temperatures.”

Ellison Farms Recommended Temperatures

Steaks and Roasts
Recommended temperatures:

  • Rare: 125° F
  • Medium rare: 130° F
  • Medium: 135° F
  • Medium well: 145° F
  • Well done: 150° F

Recommended temperatures:

  • Medium rare: 145° F
  • Medium: 150° F
  • Medium well: 155° F

Keep an Eye on the Time

Because of its lower fat content, grass-fed beef will cook in less time than conventional beef. So stay vigilant; don’t walk away from your cooking beef and invest in a quality cooking thermometer.

Grilling Tips

Always pre-heat the grill. Brush olive oil on the meat before grilling for easy browning and to avoid drying and sticking. When grilling, quickly sear both sides of the meat on high heat to seal in juices, then reduce to medium or low heat to finish cooking. Be sure to baste your meat throughout the cooking process to keep it moist.

When grilling hamburgers, add low-fat moisture to the meat to avoid dry patties: caramelized onions, olives or roasted peppers work well.

Additional Tips and Techniques

  • Coat beef in olive oil for easy browning and to avoid drying and sticking
  • Thaw your beef in the refrigerator or in water; never use the microwave
  • Bring your meat to room temperature before cooking
  • Always pre-heat your pan, grill or oven before cooking
  • Add moisture and flavor to your meat with a good marinade
  • Use tongs to turn meat, not a fork or anything else that can puncture the meat
  • Let steaks rest for about 5-10 minutes before serving to allow juices to redistribute


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