Ellison Farms Grass-Fed Beef

Healthy, natural beef for you and your family.

Ellison Farms provides grass-fed beef for those pursuing health, wellness – and great-tasting beef. At Ellison Farms, we guarantee:

  • NO hormones
  • NO antibiotics

Just natural, healthy grass-fed beef.


Why Grass-fed?

At Ellison Farms, our cattle are raised the way nature intended. We provide a stress-free environment from birth to market. Stress creates stress hormones, which affect the taste and tenderness of the meat. On the farm, we practice monthly rotational grazing, which ensures that the cattle consume a variety of grasses and ensures the pastures aren’t overgrazed. We don’t speed up the growth of our animals with hormones or other growth-promoting additives. The end result? Healthy, delicious beef that you can feel confident feeding your family.

When you pick up beef at the grocery store, do you wonder where it comes from? Most cows live on “factory farms,” also called confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), or are ranch-raised and sent to crowded, unsanitary feedlots for fattening, also called finishing. Most are given hormones and even antibiotics to speed their growth. These unnatural additives are passed on to the consumer.

The crowded, inhumane, and stressful conditions at factory farms and feedlots make for unhealthy cows. To counter the resulting illnesses, cows are often given more antibiotics; this overuse of antibiotics has contributed to antibiotic resistance in both animals and humans.

The Ellison family is dedicated to helping people experience wellness. So at Ellison Farms, we do everything we can to create a healthy, stress-free environment for the animals, the land, and ultimately, the people who eat our grass-fed beef.


Nutritional Benefits of Grass-fed

Cows fed on grass are healthier cows – and that means healthier beef. Grass-fed beef contains more:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (up to four times more than conventional beef!)
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • B vitamins thiamin and riboflavin
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Plus, grass-fed beef contains:

  • LESS total fat
  • LESS saturated fat
  • LESS cholesterol
  • FEWER calories


Flavor and Freshness

Ellison Farms’ stress-free environment means better beef: stress hormones in cows can affect flavor and tenderness of the meat. In addition to providing a natural, stress-free environment, we dry-age our beef for 21 days at the optimal temperature to enhance flavor and tenderness.

To preserve freshness, the meat is flash frozen. When thawed as directed, you get fresh, grass-fed beef; you can be confident you’re giving yourself and your family the healthiest choice available.

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