USDA Certified Beef

Organically Certified, USDA Inspected Processing

Ellison Farms beef is humanely processed at an organically certified, USDA inspected facility. A USDA inspector is on-site to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety. The inspector examines the animals upon arrival and at each stage of processing.

All cows are individually tagged with the date and time of processing. This ensures that the animals can be tracked from Ellison Farms to your table; this information is logged with the USDA, Ellison Farms, and the processing facility.

Humane, Stress-Free Processing

Ellison Farms selected a local, award-winning processing facility that was specifically designed for humane, stress-free processing. Stress creates stress hormones, which can affect the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

In 2003, the processing facility received the Green Business Leadership Award, which recognizes businesses or organizations that demonstrate leadership, risk and innovation in using environmentally responsible and healthy business practices.

Because the facility is local and close to Ellison Farms, the cattle do not experience the stress of being transported long distances. The unloading area is built to prevent escape, and thus the stress of escape and capture, and the floor is designed to prevent falling and slipping, a major cause of stress. Ellison Farms strives to provide a stress-free environment from birth to market.

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